LETTERS - What People Say!!!

Babichan K. M.
"Dear brothers, Thanks a lot for your best intentions. The messages, marriage at caanai and study on revelation I liked much."

John Vallachira
"Regular reader of this site feel very good to the brethren belivers".

Evg.Tomy Kuriakose
"Dear Brethren, I had gone thro the website, excellent. May the Lord continuously help you to bring out such wonderful events, good articles, and programmes for the fellow brethrens through out the world. One of the well-wishers..."

"Very good website. God bless ur ministry".

Kevin Korah Jacob
"This website is doing a good job".

Johnson Baby
"Wonderful effort. Very edifying. God Bless".

Bala J. T.
"Greetngs!!! overwhelmed with your modern&blunt approach to modern day Christian values & practices on various issues. Keep glowing for Christ. God bless all your endeavour".

Kezia Kuriachan

Johnson B.
"It is wonderful site".

Clement D Souza
"Thank for sending me the messages of bible study. I pray for your ministry to be fruitful in believers life & for sinners repentence. MAY GOD BLESS YOU".


Raju A. Varghese
"I really enjoy this website and may the Lord bless this ministry richly in the days to come".

Jaimon Paul
"Thank you for your grate dedication"

"A good website"..

Vinod Abraham
"Hi This is very good and blessed one"

Sanjay Soorkia
"About 20 years ago the Lord in a vision showed me the word Bahrain and I was asked to pray for the island. I am very happy today to learn through your website the great work the Lord Jesus is doing on your island. I shall continue to pray for you all and by the grace of the Lord I shall one day come and visit you all.God bless you".

Lissy Thomas
"This website is very nice".

Reena Noel
"I m very blessed through your emails and news letter".

Sam Joy, Doha
Dear brethren, Nice to see your website. Getting lots of informations, specially audio and video messages. As we are away from our home country, this will help us to watch Christian TV programes. May the Almighty enable you to do more effectively in the coming days.I appreciate your efforts. Praying for your miistry. God bless you".

"I would like to be a prayer partner".

"Excellent site".

Rajan Thomas, USA
"Nice website".

Sathia Ray
"Thanks for the e-mail. I pray, God's name be glorified through this ministry.Best regards".

Madan Paul,Ludhiana

Ben, Bucharest, Romania
"Brethren, Thanks for sending me this bulletin".

Antony Abraham
"Hi all, Nice to see such a website. Good effort and keep it up".

Terry Fredericks
"A great site"

Colleen Redit
"So good to receive this and I look forward to going through all the articles. Please pray for us here in Chennai as we serve the Lord.I am a Brethren Missionary commended from New Zealand 44 years ago! Sincerely in His Service."

A. G. Jacob
"Thanks a lot for the informations. Praying that the Lord use this site for the ediffication of many around".

George Varghese
"Dear Team, Praise God for your work. I believe that your programmes are touching many, specially in the Middle East region. Do uphold us in your prayers."

John Benjamin
"I make use of your resources for my study and ministry. Thank you and the Lord richly bless you".

Basil Mathew
"I like this website"

"praise the Lord...!! this is really wonderful.. thanQ very very much.. God bless u all... shalom..."

"All the programs in this site are very good".
Peterson Otieno Ongele:
"Thank you so much for your devotional notes I am getting from you, I use and give others to read. Thanks and be encouraged in the work".

Thomas V.L.:
"Wonderful...May god bless you".

"Hello! I am Samuel Smith, from Switqerland. I find your site... really brilliant"!

Antony Xavier:
"It has very enthusiastics really".

Philip P.A.:
"Dear Brethren, Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for your prayers for us. And I praise God for this site that you are doing a great work for the Lord. It has a lot of information, study tools and resources, which are very much helpful for our spiritual lives and in the ministry. Thank you and God bless you and use you richly for His glory".

"very nice"

"Thank you for your resources".

"All the articles in Bahrain Brethren.com are very interested and helpful in my spiritual life. Every timy, I am watching it carefully. May our almighty God bless this efforts".

P. Joseph Raju:
"Thank you so much. I am greatly impressed with the web ministry of B.B.com. I have forwarded the web news to several people. The contribution of Gulf brethren as a whole in the past and now towards the assembly work is outstanding whereas now only the brethren in the West started to involve in a meaningful way. So, I thank the Lord for each one of you, especially your sacrifice and service for the Lord while being in the limited circumstances".

"We appreciate the good work you all are doing through the media and the wonderful web site, real encouraging and informative messages. All your labour is not in vain, 1 Corinthians 15: 58. May His name be Praised and Glorified. Closing in Prayers.God Bless".

"This Website is an absolutely amazing website! This is very useful for many Believer's Spiritual Life! I praise our Lord for this Website"!

Thomas John:
"Appreciable being useful to many, upohold the matters in prayer".

Dr. Sajan George:
"Dear brother I am amazed by the rich content of your web pages. It is really a solace for souls. Wishing all brothren a blessed Christmas and a peaceful new year God Bless us all. (Dr. Sajan George President Global council of Indian Christians)(GCIC)".

Paul S. Mathew:
"Dear brethren,its a good effort for the edification of believers the world over. I appreciate and thank the Lord for the desire instille in you. I have gone thru a few of your materials. Most of it are sound. Nevertheless, there are a few things in which i understand that dear brothers who have contributed have derived their conclusions. I agree that most of it what they have said is scriptural but at certain points they tend to make sweeping statements on issues on which their are no clear cut ideas in scripture sometimes even brushing aside certain facts. Let me say that it should be the desire of every child of God to strive to decipher meaning from pure scripture as authentic authority rather than try to protect certain pet teachings of us brethrens or any other group by giving our interpretations to certain issues. Hope you'l take note in the love of Christ and as a sincere sugestion from a brother who wants to follow the word of God in its truest sense. thanks".

Sam Singapore:
"Found it useful, since we who live in Singapore do not have opertunity to listen to the word of God in Malayalam. Thank you and God bless your ministry".

Dr. Koshy Mathew:
"I saw your site. Now I became a regular visitor to your site.It is a very good site for edification, information and fellowship.Lord will reward you for the labour".

"Very nice".

"Your website is very informative and congrtulations for this great effort".

David Salve:
"This is a great way to reach the unreached with glorious Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and also to minister unto the spiritual needs of the Lord\'s people all over".


Godwin Rajan:
"Praise the Lord, this will defenitely improve bible knwldge".

A.K. Varghese:
"Baharain Brethren site is an excellant site".

"Dear Brethren, I viewed your website so many times. I am sure it will help to spread the gospel around the world. May God bless your ministry".

ChackoThomas Varghese-Pune:
"I found, it is quite interesting, keep it up".

V. J. Alexander:
"Your Programs are Good".

Rajan Thomas:
"It's great!!! It's a very good website!!!!"

Mathew Paul,Coimbatore:
"Praise God for your efforts".

Godwin Rajan:
"This bahrainbretheren.com is a usefull net for knowing Jesus more and it provides all God's children to walk in the way of God, I will pray for this. Please remember my name in your POWER HOUSE".

Mr.Joy John K Kuwait,
"This is an excellent site to me. I am happy to see such a blessed website in our own language among the number of malayalam sites belongs to other churches. Appreiciate all your efforts and a humble suggestion to add some old articles/messages by our dear ones who went to be with the Lord. May the Lord use this as a channel of blessing for all brethren around the world".

Rajan Thomas U.S.A.
"It is great and a very good website"

Ramachandran k.
"It is very useful site, gets spritual strength thru all articles pray to God for all his blessings on this effort. Ramachandran E. K Calicut. Kerala

"I am an evangelist from Rajapalayam,Tamilnadu,India. Very usefull to me. Thank you".

Dr. John Abraham
"your website is really good & the articles are very thought provoking too. All the best. Remembering in prayers".

V. J.Alexander
“Your Programs are Good“

Henry Sam
"It is wonderful experience to hear from the word of God and Read from the Bible. May the Almighty God showers his heavenly blessings on this ministry to reach with gospel to all".

Rony K. Poulose
"Its really amazing to see this site. May God Almighty bless all those who have shouldered hands to build up this site. God Bless you all.."

Joe Abraham
"I am searching your web so frequently it is really spiritual"

Lijo Scaria
BB.com, where we will get to know lots of things like doctrines, prayer matters, regarding camps and even we will be able to acces publications. Praise to God who has given a burden to those to start a web page like this. Let Him bless them and give more views so that we all can glorify His name in coming days.

John Thomas K.
"congratulations to the brothers who worked behind this web site. Very beautiful and informative".

Sajan thomas
"Wish you all success in your future programes".

Rachel George
"Thanks for giving such a nice and clear view about Onam. It's very true as a beliver for not giving us to celebrate the festival as the gentiles do. Praise God for knowing the truth from the scripture.

Joseph Varghese
"I am an Evangelist serving the Lord here in Morar, Gwalior last many years. Over the years, I have experienced the Grace of our Lord. I just saw your net today. I am just new in this field. I hope to be benifited by this. with prayers.

Abraham Pari
"we praise God for this ministry".

Madan Paul
"It is encouraging to hear from you. God bless. Praying for your ministry".

Awadhesh Thakur
"I want to get this E magazine regularly. I too praise God that He has enabled you to start a very conemprary step for the believers of this era".

Vinoji Samuel, Keniya.

"In this electronic era, I feel it is a timely initiative from the brethren to launch a periodical website that promotes and sticks to biblical values. Well begun is half done but there is a long way to go. It looks attractive and easily manageable. Continued and constant commitment of a group of brethren is needed, to continue this good effort. Take precaution not to be entangled in the petty or peripheral spiritual issues forgetting the big commands. It is always a trick from satan to put us in this trap. Have an international appeal rather than appealing to any particular geographical group of brethren. Our prayers are with you. My advice to you is to stand for the biblical incorruptible truth".

Nelson Thomas

"Beloved Brethren, Glad to know about the latest effort for the propagation of the word of God. May the Lord truly bless you in using this medium for effectively for God\'s glory".

Zion mission charitable trust
"God created us with different gifts. Engineers who work for the glory of God design machines that make life easier. The Lord also created artists, who make life more pleasant by creating beautiful things for the glory of God and the enjoyment of others. It becomes an act of worship that then can become a witness to point people to Christ. CONGRATULATIONS!".

T. J. Joseph
"Greetings. It was a timely attempt to calrify the meaning of the festivities. Many believers are being attracted to this practice. Br. Silas has brought it very clearly".

Gerogekutty A.
"A wonderful site for the furtherance of gospel and spiritual edification of the believers and with the intention of glorifying Gods name through our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. May God bless this ministry and the brethren engaged in it".

Bejoy K. John
"Very nice website. Will pray for your ministry".

Philip Verghese, Secunderabad.
"Dear Brethren, A Good Venture, Keep it up. May God help you to Fulfill His commission thru this ministry. May this venture A great blessing to the believers’ world over".

Sam Zacharia, Trivandrum.
"I thank God for your well designed website. Also it's a matter of joy to me as its designers desire real appreciation. I join you dear ones to pray that this site also may become a blessing for many who visit it. Also I suggest you to make it more attractive by adding new songs and new messages of our favorite speakers like John Kurian, MM Zachariah and all. Once again I congratulate you dear ones for the effort you have taken to make it a grand success. Please continue update it as you does it now".

Aby Sam, Assam.
"Thank u very much for launching a new website. I would like to get mails from you".

Babu Philip, Bahrain.
"Let’s pray and desire to be nourished and guided by the true essence of the Word of God that might sound in the contents of this site, to live a very honest Christian life unto the fullest aspiration of our Lord; NOTHING LESS, NOTHING MORE, NOTHING ELSE".

Babu T.K.
“It is very pleasent to see one more brethren web site may god bless you”.

Abey Sam Johnson.
“Its a good web site. I wish you that God may help you to conquer the world”.

Sam kundukulam, U.K.
“I really express my congratulation for new website from beautiful island Bahrain. May God bless you and this new venture”.

James, South Africa:
"Hi, Beautiful site. Well done. Regards"

K.M.John, Malabar.
“It is good to have such blessed IT ministry that coming genaretion also will be blessed. Lord our God may help you much progress in this field for His glory".

Babu Mathew, Kuwait.
" I really enjoyed with the various articles and deep thoughts narrated through the new website launched from bahrain brethren. Our Allmighty God may give more strength and heavenly wisdom, so it may be a blessing among the believers and the non believers. My hearty congratulation to all of you”.

Evg. K. Kunjappy, Chathannoor.
"Praise the Lord for the Bahrainbrethren.com, Congratulations. May the Lord help to stand for the truth by not compromising in any respect. With loving greetings and prayers".

Saju Thomas, Texas.
"It seems that Bahrain Brethren is in the right direction. May God strengthen you to stand for the truth".

Isaac Mannor.
"Congratulations and may the Lord use you to strengthen the brethren. With Christian regards".

Allan Besterwitch.
"Congratulations! A wonderful way to honour God! The other joy is, every time someone visits this web site they will also praise God!".

C.V. Vadavana.
"Really appreciate the work you are doing and congratulations. It is indeed a great attempt and may God bless this new venture from the land of Bahrain".

B.M. Solanki, Ahmedabad
"Congratulations for starting new web site. May God use this web site for His glory and honour".

Jerome, Doha.
"I found it as a great ministry that God can work through you among the computer users of all over the world. May the God Almighty bless you".